Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Top 4 Crowdfunding Platforms By NCrypted Websites

Crowdfunding has the three essential considerations the requirement for Funds, People/Groups who are serious to venture in business and finally the Platform itself. Crowdfunding is amongst very few imaginative options available before people who plan to proceed with their new business thoughts or even business development. Whatever you may consider, Crowdfunding will most likely transform your business thought into veracity. If you are running a little business, even then, Crowdfunding can serve your business needs.

As we all know that in this period of time many of the people are developing clones of the popular websites. NCrypted Websites is a leading web design, web development, mobile App  and Website Clone development company. It provides clones, scripts of 4 most used Crowdfunding Websites.

Indiegogo Clone is a fundraising website, where can invite fundraisers and backers from the crowd to help fund your project. It’s a global platform where people around the world can post projects. Indiegogo Script by NCrypted Websites, is a social fundraising tool. If your project doesn’t reach goal, even it can keep all raised money.

Features of Indiegogo Clone:
üIt has easy Admin and navigation
üThere is no limits for Funding
üIt does not keep a percentage of Funds Raised
üProjects can be shared on Social Media like Facebook & Twitter
üUser can view upcoming projects.
üUsers can post and edit consecutive projects
üThere is Search module for all projects

SecondMarket Clone is a Fundraising Software by NCrypted Websites, where you can invite  fundraisers and donors to help and fund member's projects. SecondMarket PHP Clone hosts creative projects.

Features of SecondMarket Clone:
üIt has Enhanced Features, including advanced Admin panel
üUsers can post and edit their projects and also can review and post comments, on any project.       
üAllows sharing projects through social networking websites.
üAdmin can see upcoming projects
üCan Search all existing projects

GoFundMe Clone is like do-it-yourself Crowdfunding Platform where people can raise money through for personal projects like expenses of education, in medical emergencies, for charities, or any other non-profit initiative. It takes a very easy and soft approach for goals and deadlines. It allows fundraisers to start projects without deadlines. GoFundMe Script developed by NCrypted Websites, is a Crowdfunding Software which is highly scalable, robust and user-friendly that implements flexible funding models.

Features of GoFundMe Clone: 
üThere is no deadlines or goal requirements
üThere is no penalties if you miss your goal
üFundrasiers can keep every donation they receive
üIt also enables the creation of mobile friendly campaigns
üShare the campaigns on social platforms and also with friends and families

Kickstarter Clone is the most popular crowdfunding website with maximum creators and backers from across the world. It’s criteria are bit tough and available only in UK and US, and only creative projects can be posted to raise funds. It has criteria for fund "All or nothing." If you achieve goal described you can get all funds raised with nominal predefined fees. So, if you are planning for a new venture like it with your own expanded features you can get your Kickstarter Script from NCrypted Websites. 

Features of Kickstarter Clone: 
üThere is Real-time Funding Progress
üUser can Select Payment Gateway
üRewards Defining
üAdmin Panels (Staff Picks, Popular of this week)
üSocial Media Integration


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